UFC Welterweight Fighter Issues Interesting Call-Out to Nick Diaz


It has been more than three years since fan-favorite Nick Diaz last stepped inside the Octagon. It was at UFC 183 in January 2015 against Anderson Silva, where both men paid a price because of their respective drug test results.

Silva was originally awarded the decision verdict, but after testing positive for anabolic steroids which he later blamed on sex pills, the fight was overturned to a no contest. Diaz, on the other hand, tested positive for cannabis metabolites, which initially caused him to be slapped with a five-year suspension.

The suspension, however, was reduced to a mere 18 months along with a $100,000 fine in January 2016, and will officially lapse at the end of the month. A days ago, Diaz himself posted a photo on Instagram bearing the caption “Back where we left off” which created more buzz about a possible comeback sooner than later.


In February, UFC president Dana White also confirmed that the 34-year-old Stockton, California native is already keen on getting back into action after a long time on the sidelines.

“I think Nick Diaz is interested in fighting right now,” White told TMZ Sports in an interview. “We’ll see. We’ll see how that plays out. This year, the rest of this year, nothing but great fights coming up. So hopefully we can make a couple of those.”

Nick, like his younger brother Nate, are two of the biggest fan-favorites in the UFC today. Despite having not won any UFC title, the Diaz brothers have created a following that makes them indispensable to an event which turned out to be one of the biggest-selling events in UFC history.

Nate beat Nick in this race. Can you tell?

Like his brother Nick, Nate has been on the sidelines for a long time now. The younger Diaz brother, however, seems to have no plans of making a comeback, as of the moment.

The value that the Diaz brothers bring to the table also makes them a good opponent for “money fights,” and rightfully, other fighters would want to capitalize on the opportunity. Recently, UFC welterweight Mike Perry came forward to bear his intentions on fighting Nick, and he did so in a rather interesting manner.

Perry is currently on a two-fight losing streak and was most recently defeated by Max Griffin via unanimous decision in Orlando last February.

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