Woman Knocks Out Man On A Bus With Bruce Lee Kicks


We’ve all seen in combat sports how a blow to the side of the head can cause a loss of equilibrium. Well, that’s exactly what happens to the lad in this video: he takes three solid Bruce Lee kicks to the side of his dome and it’s lights out!

I found this crazy video on a completely disreputable website and its title claimed that the woman was transgender.

Besides the fact that I have no desire to step into the sh*tstorm of a debate about trans people, I genuinely can’t tell if that claim is true or not so to make matters simple, I’m just going to refer to her as a woman…

By the time someone’s camera is rolling, the woman and a man who she may or may not know are in the midst of a heated argument.

It appears as though they do know each other and are possibly a couple since the woman accuses him of having romantic intentions towards some other girl.

She tells him “You wanna fu*k that girl!” When he argues that point with her, the raging lady warns him “Bit*h, I’ll kick your head through the fu*king window. Say something else!”

You can see her winding up

It’s unclear what his response is but it puts the woman over the edge and she responds with three kicks to the side of his head.

The first one stuns him, the second one really rings his bell, and the third one causes him to slump forward in his chair as the bus stops and the woman makes a hasty exit.

It’s embarrassing enough for the guy to have this happen in public but it’s made so much worse by a guy that gets in real close for some footage of him sleeping.

Still, it’s not like he would have remembered it later. Hopefully, he hasn’t seen this video though!

She kicks like a mule!

That dude thinks this is hilarious!


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