Woman Spotted Sitting On Roadside, Onlookers Disgusted By What She’s Eating


A video is currently going viral on social media, which shows a woman sitting on the side of the road, where she is eating something utterly disgusting. Onlookers began filming in sheer disbelief, and it’s a good thing they did because there is a very important lesson to be learned from the disturbing footage.

A woman on the side of the road was filmed making a meal out of something disgusting. (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

Socialist Venezuela has been in the midst of a severe economic crisis since 2014, and at this point, conditions in the country are apocalyptic. Citizens are literally starving in the streets due to sharp shortages of food and medicine, causing civil unrest. According to Bloomberg, the inflation rate could rise beyond 2,300% in 2018.

With Venezuela currently dealing with the harsh consequences of a socialist government, a stomach-churning video captured in Rio Chico has gone viral on social media. In the footage, a homeless woman can be seen sitting on the side of the road. As onlookers gather around to see what she is doing and the camera zooms in, it becomes clear that she is trying to eat a cat.

The starving homeless woman is apparently so destitute that she has resorted to capturing a stray cat, skinning it with a small pocket knife, and cutting bits of its flesh off to eat. At first, she appears angry over the fact that her meal is being filmed, but then, hunger takes over and she goes about her business, eating the cat.

As the homeless woman makes a meal of the stray feline, a passerby can be heard saying, “While you eat that, Hector Rodriguez eats at Eurobuilding.” Rodriguez is a local MP and favorite minister of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The Eurobuilding is part of a chain of exclusive hotels in Venezuela, where guests can dine on the finest world cuisine.

Conditions in socialist Venezuela are so diabolical that people are forced to eat cats in the street.

A stomach-churning video shows a homeless woman sitting on the roadside with her possessions around her and a dead domestic cat in front of her.

She painstakingly skins the cat and then slices off pieces of its body before popping them in her mouth. [Source: Daily Mail]

These are the effects of socialism, folks. Had Bernie Sanders won the election, we’d all be well on our way to eating cats in the streets. I never thought I’d say this, but thank God Hillary Clinton is such a dishonest, backstabbing wench. Had she not cheated her way into being named the Democratic nominee for president, Bernie Sanders might be sitting in the Oval Office today instead of Donald Trump.

Sanders, a self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist,” ran a primary campaign with far more momentum than Clinton’s. Indeed, he might have been the only one who could have beaten Trump. Yes, we should all take a moment to thank God that Bernie Sanders did not become our president. If he had, we’d have a “bright” future like Venezuela’s to look forward to.

The living conditions seen in the above video are unimaginable. We should all take pause to reflect on the gift of simply being born in the United States, a free and capitalist society where even those who are homeless have access to shelters and food banks. The woman in the viral video above did not choose to be born in Venezuela, where a corrupt government has created a nightmare scenario for its citizens. However, she is suffering the effects of socialism anyway.

The last thing we should be doing in the United States is emulating socialist societies from around the world, for they have nothing to offer. Instead, we should see countries like Venezuela as an example of what not to do.

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